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Business Visa Vs Working Visa in Indonesia – What to Choose and How to Apply

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Making the decision between a business or working visa is more than just a formality; it’s the route map that will lead your professional life on this island called Bali.

If you are going on short business trips, you will need a business visa. That being said, if you want to earn a living in the Balinese warmth, a working visa is your best option.

We’ll walk you through the application process step-by-step to make sure you have all the information required to submit a confident visa application.

If you plan to attend events such as business lectures, seminars, or training sessions, a business visa may be sufficient. You can choose between a single entry and multiple entries, depending on how often you want to enter and exit Bali. Even though the validity period varies, you are not permitted to work or be compensated.

Longer-term employment requires a working visa, per Indonesian immigration regulations. This type is valid for a year and may be renewed annually for a total of five years. It is essential to have it if you intend to work as an expert or take part in paid professional activities.

Both require a sponsor company located in Bali, and you must apply for them in Bali or in your home country. Keep in mind that there is a wide range in the processing times; a working visa will take about 55 days, while a business visa will be processed in 7–10 working days.

Apply online before your trip to cut down on unnecessary delays. This will ensure that you’re ready to go as soon as you get there, ready to work on projects or do business.

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Business Visa for Indonesia

Maybe you’re curious about the benefits of having an Indonesian business visa and what it is about.

There are basically two types: a single-entry visa for short business trips and a multiple-entry visa for frequent travelers.

Later on, we’ll look at each one’s requirements and benefits in greater detail.

What is a Business Visa for Indonesia?

When it comes to potential business ventures in Bali, an Indonesian business visa allows you to do official activities like finding opportunities for a business or seeking a supplier to support your business abroad, attending a business meeting, or providing training, but it does not allow you to be paid while you are there. This visa is necessary for business professionals who wish to engage with the Indonesian market without seeking employment.

Here’s what you should be aware of:

  • Multiple entry and single entry business visas are the two types that are offered in Indonesia.
  • It is necessary to have a sponsoring company to support your visa application.
  • Give the immigration office seven to ten working days to process your application.
  • Applying online could speed up the process and reduce the amount of time you have to wait in line.

Two types of business visas are available.

The C2 (was B221A) Single Entry and D2 (was D212) Multiple-entry business visas are the two types that are offered in Indonesia.

With the C2, you are able to attend meetings and stay for a maximum of 60 days.

Over the course of a year, the D2 permits multiple entries with a maximum stay of 60 days per visit.

Understanding the differences between these visas is important if you want to schedule your visit to Bali around your professional objectives.

Visa C2 Single Entry Business Talks’ Purpose

Bali provides a C2 single-entry business visa for short-term business visits, such as seminars or client meetings. It works best for non-employment business goals and necessitates the application of a sponsoring company. The initial 60-day validity of the visa can be extended up to two times.

When you’re ready to apply, make sure you have a local sponsor in Indonesia to ensure a smoother visa process.

The D2 Multiple Entry Visa.

Compared to the single-entry Visa C2, the Visa D2 offers greater flexibility, allowing you to enter Indonesia multiple times in a 12-month period for extended business operations.

Unlike a working visa, this business visa does not permit you to apply for jobs. It’s ideal for serious business-people who must travel frequently.

The differences between business visas D2 and C2

It’s important to know that the D2 business visa is meant for single-entry, brief stays, whereas the D2 business visa allows multiple entries over a year without the ability to work when considering your business travel options to Indonesia.

Indonesian Work Permit

Speaking of which, if you want to work in Bali, Indonesia, you will need an Indonesian working visa.

You will learn more about the types of jobs that foreign nationals can apply for, as well as the Working KITAS, a specific type of work visa.

To ensure that you are legally ready for your job in Indonesia, it is essential that you understand the application process for a working visa.

What is a working visa for Indonesia?

A working visa, or KITAS, is necessary if you want to work in Indonesia and be paid for your work. You need it if you want to work in Bali or anywhere else in Indonesia.

The following are some important factors to consider:

Work Permit: To be able to work in Indonesia, you need to obtain a work permit or IMTA, which is a formal document in addition to KITAS.

Sponsorship: In order to have your stay in Indonesia sponsored, you must apply on behalf of a local business.

Duration: There is an annual renewal option for the one-year working visa.

Stay in Indonesia: KITAS holders are permitted to stay in Indonesia for the duration of their employment there.

How Does KITAS Work in Practice?

For long-term employment needs in Bali and other parts of Indonesia, you will require a Working KITAS, the official work visa that enables you to live and work there. You need to obtain this work visa, also known as a limited stay permit, if you plan to work for an organization in Indonesia. To be eligible, not only do you need a certificate of competence or five years of experience, but your work experience must also align with your educational background.

It will take a few working days to finish the application process. But once obtained, the Working KITAS makes your trip to Bali easier for business and pleasure, enabling you to work in Indonesia and providing multiple re-entry visas and in-country extensions.

Which jobs are open to applications from foreigners?

In Indonesia, foreigners can work in a range of professions, such as management, information technology, and English teaching. However, all jobs in Indonesia require a valid working visa in order to comply with local employment laws. Unlike business visas, which are only issued for brief business meetings such as seminars, working visas allow you to engage in economic activity and receive compensation for your work. Before looking for a new job in Indonesia, make sure the position matches your experience and educational background.

The following jobs are regularly available to foreign workers:

  • Teaching English or other languages
  • Employment in the technology and IT industries
  • Employment in tourism and hospitality
  • competent consulting services in a variety of sectors
  • oversight of building and engineering projects
  • Marketing
  • Direcotrs
  • Managers

Remember that getting a work visa typically requires obtaining a minimum of five years of experience or a certificate of competence.

The procedure for filing a work visa request

To start the process of applying for a working visa in Indonesia, you must have sponsorship from a local company. Your sponsor will take care of the application for your work permit and the necessary visa. Recall that obtaining a working visa necessitates careful verification of your qualifications, including employment that complements your degree program and either five years of work experience or a certificate of competence.

Once your sponsorship is in place, you can start the application process from your home country thanks to service providers like Fabio Visa Agency in Bali that offer expedited processing.

Apply via Fabio Visa Agency.

Applying for a business or working visa in Bali can be sped up by working with Fabio Visa Agency, which offers expedited services and expert advice. Their staff is knowledgeable about the complexities of obtaining a visa, so they work efficiently to help you apply in Bali without the usual hassle.

The Fabio Visa Agency can make the process of applying for a business or working visa easy. They offer the subsequent:

Personalized Consultation: They provide tailored advice to ensure that your application meets all requirements.

Document Processing: The company assists you in gathering and preparing the documentation required to submit a visa application.

When you visit the immigration office, they can accompany you or schedule appointments for you.

Express service:For those who need their visas right away, Fabio Visa Agency offers expedited processing times.

Follow-Up Services: After your application is submitted, they monitor its progress and let you know about any updates.

Contact Fabio Visa Agency to ensure a seamless experience. They’ll handle the details while you focus on preparing for your business meetings or Bali job. With their assistance, you’ll be able to complete the visa application process quickly and with assurance.


We are available to answer any questions you might have.

If you’re wondering if you can convert your business visa to a working visa in Bali or if you need a sponsor to get a work permit, we can help.

Let’s tackle the most frequently asked questions to help you understand the nuances of each visa type and how they affect your stay and activities in Bali.

Can a business visa be changed into a working visa?

Yes. It will need a procedure called “change status.”. In case you decide to work while in the nation with a business visa, you need to apply for a working visa, which is also known as a KITAS, by following the relevant immigration procedures.

If a company sponsors me, should I apply for a working visa in order to be hired by them?

To apply for a working visa in Bali, you will require an employer who will sponsor your application and hire you. This is a crucial step that you must take to ensure your employment rights in Indonesia. Throughout the process, the sponsor employer submits your application on your behalf. It’s important to keep in mind that your employment history and educational background must match.

Is it possible for me to serve a probationary period for an employer while on a business visa?

A business visa does not permit you to be on probation with a Bali company because it is only meant for non-employment business activity. If you plan to work or are on probation, you need to apply for a KITAS working visa.

Can an individual with a business visa open a bank account?

Since business visas are only meant for brief business trips and are not meant for long-term employment or residency, you are not allowed to open a local bank account while you are in Bali.

Can D2 business visa be extended in-country?

Yes. You are permitted to extend the Business Visa D2 onshore after your initial 60-day stay. Contact the Fabio Visa Agency for more details.

To sum up

That gives you the lowdown on Bali business and working visas. Select the visa that best suits your goals, whether they involve networking or entering the local job market.

Rely on Fabio Visa Agency to make things go more smoothly. Do you have any more queries? To get any questions answered, see the FAQ.

With the proper documentation in hand, you are now prepared to enjoy Bali’s natural beauty. Happy journeys!

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