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Indonesia Volunteer Visa C6B For Switzerland Passport Holders

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Indonesia Volunteer Visa C6B For Switzerland Passport Holders

If you’re a Swiss passport holder looking to volunteer in Indonesia, you’ll need a Volunteer Visa C6B starting in 2024. First, send a high-resolution scan of your passport and other essential documents to Fabio and wait until Fabio Visa Agency sends your approved visa.

The previously used B211A visa for volunteers is no longer available.

Companies like Fabio Visa offer extensive visa processing experience, handling everything from document gathering to submission, and even provide a full refund if your visa application is denied. To guarantee a smooth application process, follow the guidelines and consider expert assistance for your journey.

What you will learn

  • Swiss citizens must secure Visa C6B approval to volunteer in Indonesia.
  • The B211A visa for volunteers has been discontinued from 2024 onwards.
  • Essential application documents include a clear, high-resolution passport scan.
  • Fabio Visa offers a full refund if the visa application is denied.

Cultural Immersion Opportunities

With an Indonesia Volunteer Visa, you’ll have numerous opportunities to immerse yourself in the rich and diverse cultures of Indonesia. From participating in traditional ceremonies to learning local crafts, your experience will be both educational and enriching.

You can volunteer in rural communities, where you’ll gain firsthand knowledge of their customs and daily life. Engage in language exchange programs to improve your Bahasa Indonesia and understand local dialects.

Additionally, you’ll be able to join environmental conservation projects, working alongside Indonesians to protect their unique ecosystems. Through these activities, you’ll develop a deeper appreciation for Indonesia’s heritage and way of life, foster meaningful connections and gain a broader perspective on cultural diversity.

Secure Visa C6B Approval

To secure your Visa C6B approval for volunteering in Indonesia, you’ll need to be aware of some important changes.

The B211A visa has been discontinued for volunteers, and starting in 2024, Swiss citizens must apply for the C6B visa instead.

Make sure you have all essential application documents, including a clear, high-resolution scan of your passport.

Swiss Citizens Can Apply

Swiss citizens can apply for the C6B visa by submitting the necessary documents and meeting the outlined requirements. You’ll need to make sure that you meet all eligibility criteria, including having a valid Swiss passport and a clear purpose for volunteering in Indonesia.

Following these steps increases your chances of securing the C6B visa and starting on your volunteering journey in Indonesia.

Essential Application Documents

To secure the C6B visa for volunteering in Indonesia, gather the essential application documents meticulously.

Provide a recent passport-sized photo adhering to Indonesian specifications.

You’ll need a signed invitation letter from the Indonesian organization you’ll volunteer with, detailing your role and duration of stay.

Submit proof of sufficient funds, like bank statements, to cover your expenses.

Don’t forget your Swiss passport, valid for at least six months beyond your intended stay.

Organize these documents systematically to streamline your application process.

Clear, High-Resolution Passport Scan

Make certain your passport scan is clear and high-resolution to meet the C6B visa requirements. A high-quality image guarantees that all your passport details, including your photo, personal information, and security features, are easily readable and verifiable.

Passport-Size Photo, White Background

Guarantee that your passport-size photo is taken against a white background to meet the C6B visa requirements. This step is important for securing your Indonesia Volunteer Visa.

The photo should be clear, high-resolution, and standard passport size. Make sure your face is centered, with a neutral expression and both eyes open. Avoid wearing headgear unless it’s for religious reasons, and ensure your face is fully visible. Glasses are allowed, but make sure there’s no glare, and the frames don’t cover your eyes.

Proof of 2000 USD Funds

You’ll need to provide proof of 2000 USD funds to secure your Indonesia Volunteer Visa (C6B). This financial requirement ensures you have sufficient resources to support yourself during your volunteer stay.

You can demonstrate this through a bank statement, a letter from your bank, or other financial documents showing the required amount.

Make sure the documents are recent, ideally within the last three months, and clearly display your name and the total balance.

It’s essential to have these documents in English or provide a certified translation if they’re in another language. Meeting this requirement is a key step in your visa application process, displaying your preparedness and financial stability to Indonesian immigration authorities.

Acceptance Email From Host Organization

To secure your Indonesia Volunteer Visa (C6B) approval, you need an acceptance email from your host organization confirming your volunteer placement. This email must clearly state your role, the duration of your stay, and any relevant conditions of your volunteer work. It should be on official letterhead, signed by an authorized representative.

Make sure the email includes details such as the organization’s name, address, and contact information. This document proves your genuine intent to volunteer and helps Indonesian immigration authorities verify your purpose for entering the country.

Once you receive this acceptance email, print a copy and include it in your visa application packet. It’s an important step to demonstrate your commitment and secure your C6B visa approval.

Hassle-Free With Fabio Visa

With Fabio Visa, you can enjoy a stress-free experience thanks to their decade-long expertise in visa processing. They offer a full refund if your visa is denied, ensuring you don’t lose money.

Plus, their services include a complimentary initial consultation session to address any questions you might have.

Full Refund if Visa Denied

Rest assured, if your visa application gets denied, Fabio Visa Agency Bali guarantees a full refund, making the process completely hassle-free. You won’t have to worry about losing your money if things don’t go as planned.

Fabio Visa’s dedication to customer satisfaction means they handle everything, providing peace of mind throughout your application process. Simply follow their straightforward application steps, and if your visa is denied, you’ll receive a full refund without any extra paperwork or hidden fees.

This policy underscores their reliability and commitment to making your experience as smooth as possible. Trust in Fabio Visa’s expertise, knowing that your investment is protected every step of the way, ensuring a stress-free journey towards obtaining your Indonesia Volunteer Visa C6B.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Duration of Stay Allowed Under the Indonesia Volunteer Visa C6b?

You’re likely wondering about the duration of stay allowed under this visa. Typically, the Indonesia Volunteer Visa C6B permits a stay of up to 180 days with 2 extensions needed. Always confirm with the latest official resources for any updates.

Can the Indonesia Volunteer Visa C6B Be Extended Beyond Its Initial Validity?

Yes, you can prolong it. You need to apply for an extension before your current visa expires. Make sure you follow the required procedures and provide necessary documents to avoid any complications during the process.

What Are the Main Costs Associated With Obtaining the Indonesia Volunteer Visa C6b?

You’ll need to cover application fees, potential organization charges if you use one, and travel costs for attending appointments. Additionally, there might be fees for necessary documents like health certificates or background checks.

Are There Any Restrictions on the Type of Volunteer Work Allowed Under the Visa C6b?

Yes, there are limitations on the type of volunteer work you can do under the visa. You can’t participate in paid employment or activities that could be perceived as displacing opportunities for local workers.


Securing an Indonesia Volunteer Visa C6B for Switzerland passport holders is straightforward when you follow the right steps.

Embrace the cultural immersion opportunities that await you.

Confirm your application is complete for smooth approval.

For a hassle-free experience, consider using Fabio Visa’s services.

By staying informed and prepared, you’ll make the most of your volunteer journey in Indonesia, enriching both your life and the communities you serve.

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