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Catch the Perfect Wave: A Guide to Indonesia’s Best Surfing Destinations

Fabio Andretti


Indonesia is a surfer’s paradise with over 17,000 islands spanning across miles of open ocean. The warm Indian and Pacific Oceans churn up swells that produce endless impressive breaks along the country’s volcanic islands and coral reef coastlines. Indonesia’s beaches have caught the attention of surfers worldwide looking for that picture-perfect wave.

From beginner-friendly beach breaks to expert lefts and rights that barrel over shallow reefs, the diversity of waves allows for surfing adventures catered to all skill levels.

Read on for the comprehensive guide to five of Indonesia’s best places to surf.  

Dreamy Waves on Bali

Unsurprisingly, Bali’s palm-fringed islands top the list of Indonesia’s premier surfing destinations. With easy access to waves for all levels and a thriving surf culture, Bali offers ideal conditions year-round, thanks to southwestern and southern ocean swells.

For beginners, the long, gentle waves breaking over sandbars at Kuta Beach allow for stable longboard rides and plenty of recovery time between sets. The numerous surf schools clustered around Kuta make it the perfect spot to take lessons and progress quickly.

Just a short drive north up the coast, the breaks at Canggu see more advanced wave riders testing their skills on the frequently barreling lefts and rights that hold up well overhead. Berawa is another favorite for intermediate and advanced surfers but also has an inner lineup better suited to longboarders.

The world-renowned Uluwatu lies on the southern tip of Bali’s Bukit Peninsula. It churns out a quintessential Indonesian right-breaking wave that wraps perfectly over a sharp, shallow reef. Surfers flock here for the wave’s epic tube rides that work best with a mid-length board when the swell is large.

Finally, don’t miss the chance to hang ten under the stars at Balangan. One of Bali’s most consistent beach breaks, it offers long left and right rides for all skill levels as the sun dips below the horizon each evening. With fewer crowds than other Bukit spots, surfers enjoy quality waves in a stunning setting.

Unspoiled G-Land Along Java’s Coast

Adventurous surfers shouldn’t overlook Java’s remote G-Land surfing break, regarded as one of the most famous waves in the world. Located within the Alas Purwo National Park along the island’s easternmost point, this left-hander unfurls over shallow reefs and serves up perhaps the longest rides in all of Indonesia.

Expert riders flock to G-Land to test their chops when the conditions align for epic high-performance sessions. Even when smaller, the takeoff zone still packs a punch thanks to its heavy, hollow barrel section that throws plenty of sprays before walls stretch down the line.

Due to its buried location within a protected mangrove forest only accessible by boat, the surf crowd remains relatively thin. However, visitors should note that park passes must be purchased along with accommodation through the approved surf camps. G-Land’s world-class waves, isolated locale, and stunning backdrop make the extra effort to reach its lineup well worth it.

Exploring Sumatra’s Perfect Pipeline

While Nias lies closer to Sumatra’s mainland, the island remains relatively difficult to access, with no airports and only ferry service from the mainland. Intrepid surfers shouldn’t let that discourage them from experiencing Nias and its crown jewel wave at Lagundri Bay.

Known as “The Perfect Pipeline”, Lagundri Bay churns out a heavy, tubing right-hander along Nias’ southern coastline. It produces a thick, hollow barrel throwing plenty of spray over the shallow reef below. When the swell and tides cooperate, Lagundri Bay offers one of the best barrels in Indonesia.

Meanwhile, Sorake Beach along Nias’ west coast tempts surfers with a left-hand setup delivering high-performance walls at takeoff before transitioning into more manageable shoulders down the line. The powerful waves require commitment but reward with faster exits out of the pits.

No matter where you paddle out along Nias’ rocky shores, its uncrowded lineups promise surfers plenty of chances to slot themselves in that perfect tube.

Mentawai Islands: Indonesia’s Surfing Epicenter  

While breaks scatter Indonesia’s islands, none compare to the concentration cradling the Mentawai. Lying 150 kilometers off Sumatra’s west coast, this chain of 70 islands sits in the heart of the Indian Ocean surf zone. The consistently solid swells have etched-out reef patterns and bathymetry, creating an impressive range of fun waves.

From the hollow barrels at Pitstops to the rippable walls at Beng Beng to the upper-level conditions at Kandui Left, it’s no wonder surfers hail the Mentawai as the epicenter of surfing in Indonesia. The sheer variety pushes surfers to improve their skills to fully experience all this surfing nirvana has to offer.   

The most famous ride is the blistering right tube at Macaronis that blocks the horizon before spitting surfers down the line. It certainly lives up to its “Holy Grail of barrels” reputation during the peak swell season between April and October.

Given the remoteness of breaks like Macaronis, visiting surfers typically charter boats for access and stay onboard at anchored surf camps for the duration. Planning early ensures you reserve a coveted boat spot during the most epic sessions.

Lombok’s Southern Surf Scene

Lying just east of Bali, Lombok has rapidly emerged as a world-class surfing destination over the past decade thanks to the breaks stacking its southern shores. Wind protection from the nearby islands means the region sees more consistent surf than other areas of Lombok.

The once sleepy fishing village at Kuta along the southern coast now overflows with surfers and tourists. The beach break here funnels swells into left and right peaks, great for all levels. Long left walls at Seger Reef right off the beach, provide awesome intermediate waves.

Meanwhile, Gerupuk’s unique setup occurs as waves break over a sea-level reef before crashing through a channel in the reef onto another shallow reef closer to shore—this one-of-a-kind wave with multiple sections rewards highly skilled surfers. Round out your Lombok surf tour by sampling the fast lefts at Ekas or right reef break at Scar Reef up the coast.

With coral reefs funneling swells onshore from nearly all directions, Lombok’s southern coastline has a wave for every wind and swell direction.

Endless Options Across Indonesia

As evident above, passionate traveling surfers have many options when selecting Indonesia as their next surfing destination. From beginner waves to expert barrels, beach breaks to heavy reefs, lefts to rights, Indonesia’s 17,000 islands offer endless setups and variations.

Do your research beforehand using surf reports and maps to coordinate your ideal surf itinerary. Be ready to go where the waves and conditions are best rather than rigidly sticking to a planned spot. With so many world-class options across the archipelago, you’ll score the waves of your life on your Indonesian surf adventure.

Surf Indonesia’s Epic Waves with Extended Tourist Visa

If you want to fulfill your dream surfing tour across the Indonesian archipelago, arrange for a longer tourist visa to allow enough time to hit the famous breaks from Sumatra to Lombok and all the islands in between.

The Visa B211A Indonesia or social-cultural visa provides up to 6 months for your Indonesian surf adventure. Having the full timeframe will ensure you do not need to cut your trip short before scoring those perfect barrels at Nias or the Mentawai Islands—or any of Indonesia’s world-class waves.

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