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Indonesia Internship Visa C22A and C22B – Now available in 2024

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Suppose you are a university student seeking work experience as an intern in Indonesia. In that case, you must know what visa you can use and the requirements for obtaining this Indonesian Internship Visa.

Two types of internship visas are offered by Indonesian immigration, namely the C22A Visa and the C22B Visa. Regarding the difference, please continue reading this article on the types of internship visas in Indonesia.

C22A Internship Visa (Academic).

What is C22A Visa – Academic Type

The C22A visa is Indonesian, specifically for interns who want to work without being paid.

This C22A visa was formalized by the Indonesian government in 2024.

This type of visa is used for students who are required to carry out an internship program at a company anywhere in the world, including in Indonesia. The school or university requires this internship program as one of the graduation requirements. So, to use this C22A Visa, you must still be an active student.

C22A Visa – Requirements and documents

Besides the fact that you must be an active student, you must also prepare the following documents:

  • The passport must be at least one year old at the time of visa application.
  • Passport scans must be clear, not blurry.
  • Photograph
  • An invitation letter from an Indonesian company stating that you would be their internship staff.
  • A supporting letter from your school or university that says you are in an internship program and are still an active student.

Duration of Stay for C22A Visa Indonesia

For this type of C22A visa, you can stay as an intern for 180 days.

This visa cannot be extended. And you have to remember, this visa is a single entry visa.

C22A Visa Indonesia Price and Processing Time

After you have prepared all the documents above, we will discuss the price of getting this internship visa and how long the application process takes.

FABIO VISA AGENCY in Bali is a visa agency that has processed thousands of Internship Visas in Indonesia for foreigners worldwide.

We offer Internship Visa services for those who want to join an internship program in Indonesia.

Regular Process

Price: 8,000,000 IDR

Processing time: up to 14 working days.

You already know what, how much, and how to apply for a C22A visa. Now, we discuss the C22B Visa, which is broadly similar to the C22A.

C22B Internship Visa in Indonesia (Company type)

What is the C22B Visa – Company type?

This C22B internship visa is specifically for those who want to intern in an Indonesian company to gain experience.

If the C22A Visa was for pre-education programs, then this C22B Visa is for those of you who have graduated from your university or academy.

Duration of Stay for C22B Visa Internship

The C22B visa will allow you to complete your internship activities for 180 days or six months. Unfortunately, both types of internship visas are non-renewable.

C22A Visa – Requirements and documents

As we said at the beginning, this visa is an internship visa with a company path, which means that you will do an internship to seek experience, add to your portfolio, and learn new things at the place where you are interning.

Below are the documents required to apply for a C22B internship visa:

  • The passport must be at least one year old at the time of visa application.
  • Passport scans must be clear, not blurry.
  • Photograph
  • An invitation letter from an Indonesian company stating that you would be their internship staff.

Internship Visa C22B Indonesia Price and Processing Time

The price Fabio Visa Agency offers you for regular processing is 8,000,000 IDR. This fee includes visa fees and sponsorship fees from our company.


Can this C22A and C22B Indonesia internship visa be extended?

No, it is not. The visa cannot be extended.

I don’t have a place or company to do my internship. Can you help me?

Although we cannot help you directly, we may be able to provide you with additional information. Don’t hesitate to contact Fabio Visa Agency for more details.

Is it possible to do an internship in Indonesia with a B211A Visa?

For now, we suggest you prefer the C22A or C22B type of visa, as these two visas more specifically mention that the purpose of this visa is internship. If you prefer B211A because you only need an internship for no more than 60 days, then we can also help you.

Am I eligible to receive a salary in the internship program?

No, you are not. If you receive payment or salary, you will be considered working illegally. You are allowed to work in Indonesia only with certain types of visas and must obtain a Work Permit (IMTA). Contact us if you want to know about working visas in Indonesia.

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