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Molina vs Fabio Visa Agency: Which One is Better for Applying for an Indonesian Visa?

Fabio Andretti

Molina vs Fabio Visa Agency

We believe that Indonesian immigration application system is moving in the right direction. For example, you can now apply for a visa to Indonesia through the official system called Molina.

With Molina, there are some interesting Indonesian visas that you can apply for, such as the B211A tourist visa or the multiple-entry business visa without a sponsor. That’s right, you can now apply for these visas without a sponsor.

In this article, we will compare Molina with a visa agency like Fabio Visa Agency.

Advantages of Molina

With the introduction of Molina, this is certainly a breath of fresh air for foreign tourists who want to visit Indonesia.

Here are the advantages of using Molina:


With Molina, you only pay the visa fee without paying the sponsorship fee through a visa agent.

Online application

You can get an Indonesian visa without having to visit the Indonesian embassy or consulate where you are located. Everything is done through the online system on the Molina website.

We think these two things are the main advantages that make Molina very attractive to use.

Disadvantages of Molina:

The system still has a lot of bugs.

Many of our clients have reported that they experienced bugs when they tried to use Molina. These bugs were very detrimental to them, such as no notification whether their application had been registered or not, and often the payment code did not arrive in your email, so you could not make your visa payment.

Your visa application may be rejected.

Just like applying for a visa to any country, your visa application may be rejected by Indonesian immigration. You cannot be mad about this, because it is the right of the immigration authorities to reject or approve the visa application. Note that: If your visa is rejected, there is no refund of the money you have already paid.

The requirements must be complete and have good quality.

Without a visa agency, you have to prepare all the required documents. There must be no missing documents or low-quality documents. For example, a bank statement. You must be able to show that you have enough funds to travel to Indonesia. This proof must be prepared in the form of an official bank statement. The problem is that not everyone is willing to provide or have this proof (it could be for privacy reasons). Most of our clients do not want to provide their bank statements for privacy reasons.

Another example is the plane tickets. You must attach proof of your flight into Indonesia and your return ticket. Our clients on average do not have return tickets, because they do not know when they will return to their country. Many of them even extend their vacation because Bali is too beautiful for them.And you are also required to have travel insurance. And, many tourists do not have it, but we highly recommend that you have travel insurance.

Not available for all nationalities.

If you are from a certain country, you may not be able to apply for a visa through Molina. You must have a sponsor to be able to get an Indonesian visa. Contact us if you want more details about this.

Comparison with Fabio Visa Agency:

Disadvantages of applying through an agency:

More expensive

This is clear. There is a sponsorship fee that you have to pay. We believe that sponsorship is something very valuable. By becoming your sponsor, we will be considered as your responsible person while you are still in Indonesia.

We cannot think of any other disadvantages. So let’s move on to the advantages. ­čÖé

Advantages of using Fabio Visa:

Money-back guarantee

Fabio Visa guarantees your money back 100 percent if your Indonesian visa application is not approved. We are proud to state that our success rate is 99 percent. So you should be stress-free by using Fabio’s services.

Very easy requirements

Good news. You do not need to send documents such as bank statements, travel insurance, and return plane tickets. We only need a scanned copy of your passport and your latest photo.

Free consultation

We honestly say that the support system from Indonesian immigration is very slow. Although it does not always happen. Often, your questions will be answered a few weeks later or even not at all. Unlike Fabio Visa. We are a professional visa agency that will always be ready to answer your questions.


We believe that by using the services of Fabio Visa Agency, your life will be much easier.

If you wish to apply for a tourist visa, please access our services:

Or if you plan to stay long-term in Indonesia, you may be interested in applying for a KITAS. Please contact us at Fabio Visa Agency on WhatsApp +628113979762 or email fabiovisatravel@gmail.com.

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