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Visa for Digital Nomads in Bali, Indonesia

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Visa Indonesia for Digital Nomad in Bali

This article is going to talk about the few types of visas that are available to digital nomads for them to work comfortably online in Indonesia.

Before we go into the kinds of visas that might be suitable for digital nomads, it will be necessary to explain what they are not allowed to do as a digital nomad. It is important, that mistakes are not made and Indonesian immigration laws are not violated.

What Digital Nomads Cannot Do in Indonesia

Digital nomads cannot:

  • Work for companies located in Indonesia.
  • Market themselves to find clients within Indonesia.
  • Work within a company’s office.
  • Receive wages or collaborate with companies or individuals in Indonesia.

Therefore, digital nomads can only work as freelancers or full-time employees for firms or customers located outside the country.

As an example; You are doing graphic design work on a project for a brand in America, you can sit and work comfortably in a cafes, coworking space, or in your accommodation.

Which Visa Can Digital Nomads Use?

Digital nomads have several options regarding visa types including Visa on Arrival (VoA). Nevertheless, VoA may not be very convenient because its period is only limited to 60 days. W

We recommend getting B211A visa which permits you to stay up to six months or 180 days maximum time. The B211A visa is the best choice for most digital nomad who finds himself in Indonesia.

In addition to VoA and B211A, you can consider D212 multiple-entry visa also. This visa is ideal for individuals who frequently enter and exit the country.

The D212 visa has one year validity and allows one stay up to 60 days per visit (without requiring 30-day extension like VoA does).

Additionally, if you get your D212 visa through Fabio Visa Agency, you can have an additional 60-day extension. Please contact us in case if you are interested in B211A or D212 visa.


As a digital nomad, there is no specific visa required for your work in Indonesia. Nevertheless, the above mentioned limitations should be taken into account.

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